First and foremost we are a service company, and we recognize the importance of providing a quality service product to our clients that they can depend on.

We provide our clients with options to properly manage hazardous materials in the workplace, when concerns about cost, compliance, and health and safety can seem overwhelming. For any company that owns or occupies buildings that are known or suspected of containing hazardous materials, ASM can be an effective part of any corporate risk mitigation strategy.


  • Comprehensive building surveys – focusing on asbestos materials, lead coatings, mold/fungal contamination, mercury, and PCBs.
  • Pre-renovation to pre-demolition and pre-purchase, seismic upgrades, mechanical systems retrofits, daily maintenance and repair, and any other activity with the potential to disturb hazardous materials in buildings constructed prior to 1990, as mandated by WorkSafe BC.
  • Bulk sample collection and laboratory analysis to confirm content of hazardous materials.
  • Remedial action plans that identify, assess, and prioritize recommended action to address damaged hazardous materials.
  • Preparation of project budgets for the isolation, repair or removal of hazardous building materials.


The management of ASM has been involved in more than a thousand hazardous material abatement projects over the years, from the demolition of residential structures to major renovations in hospitals and shopping centers. ASM can guide the building owner through every step of the abatement process, from the preparation of the contract documents to project monitoring and satisfactory completion, to ensure that schedules, costs, and regulatory compliance considerations are properly managed at all times on behalf of the building owner.

  • Project design, including consultation with project design authorities (architects, engineers, etc.) the client, and contractors.
  • Preparation of project budgets.
  • Contract specifications and bid documents; tendering of projects, including pre-project site meetings, preparation of addenda, review and evaluation of bids, and start-up meetings.
  • Complete on site project management services to ensure compliance with contract and regulatory requirements, including inspections, air monitoring, preparation of project documentation, and daily interaction with contractors and regulatory enforcement personnel, on behalf of the client/building owner.


A specialty of the company, ASM produces comprehensive, affordable, and very user-friendly asbestos management programs, and offers its clients ready, secure access to constantly updated management program information through our web-based management program portal. A good asbestos management program avoids problems with the disturbance of hazardous materials before they occur, and is the best and most affordable risk mitigation measure available to prevent exposure events and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

Our asbestos management programs feature:

  • Comprehensive AIM Program Report with detailed interior (room-by-room) and exterior inventory of building materials, and corresponding hazardous materials assessment.
  • Format and content of the AIM Program Report complies with WorkSafe BC/Occupational Health and Safety Regulation requirements for asbestos management programs.
  • Remedial Action Reports that identify damaged hazardous building materials and prioritize the appropriate remedial response.
  • Color-coded AutoCAD-based AIM Program reference drawings, which provide current room and area references used in the AIM Program Report, noting any changes to the floor plan; and identify the type and location of hazardous materials found in the subject area.
  • Design and installation of AIM Program hazardous materials identification systems.
  • Awareness training sessions for building maintenance staff and occupants, addressing the asbestos issue, and reviewing the purpose and function of the AIM Program.
  • Maintenance of your AIM Program to keep it current and compliant with regulatory requirements, and;
  • Client access to their updated AIM Program through our web-based management program portal, by computer and hand-held devices, to their updated management programs.

In addition to the AIM Program, ASM can assist the client in preparing or updating their Asbestos Exposure Control Plan for their workplace, a regulatory necessity for every workplace where asbestos-containing materials are present.


The people at ASM have conducted countless hazardous materials awareness sessions to a variety of interested parties, from major construction companies to residential homeowner groups, insurance companies, restoration and home renovation contractors, maintenance and custodial staff in schools and health care facilities, and many more.

These informative sessions address the materials (often custom to a particular site), the hazards, the regulatory requirements, and the best options for risk mitigation. ASM tailors these PowerPoint presentations to the specific needs of the client, be it asbestos, lead coatings, or mold/fungal contamination, either separately or altogether. They are effective, affordable, and are always well received. Sessions can include custom take-away reference manuals and certificates of participation for attendees.